The business which is growing immensely in the earthmoving and construction industry is the “New replacement Spare Parts” business. In fact history speaks that the construction business cannot survive and machines are difficult to sell without warranty if there are no “aftermarket” manufacturers. In fact the OEMs are also looking for spare part manufacturers as their need for outsourcing is looking to be a never ending process. If the OEMs do so they would succeed in saving a lot of process cost and at the same time restrict a spare parts manufacturer to enter into the “aftermarket”..

We at EEE are currently controlling over 4000 components, sub assemblies and assemblies for various makes of construction and earthmoving equipment. EEE has forged ahead in a relatively short span of time because of its innovative ideas, deep vision and consistent research and development activities.

Today we are fully geared to meet not only domestic needs but are also meeting the demanding export markets specially the OEMs abroad. Besides our expertise and 35 years of experience, the two qualities which add up to perfection are our competitive pricing and punctual delivery anywhere and every time.

With best wishes to you and your families.

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Rohit A. Shah